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Our mission statement is not just a plaque on the wall.  Have Fun, Make Money, Make A Difference, and Leave A Legacy is something both of us fully embrace and use as a guide in all of our decision-making, professionally and personally.  By allowing these words to run through our veins and be front and center in what we do, Garmax Group has become part of our lives instead of just being a job.


Curt Kufner is the President and co-founder of Garmax Group.  He initially focused the company in real estate in 2008 but the success and experience in this category transformed the company into an Alternative Investments company that functions similar to a private bank or a diversified hedge fund.  Curt started Garmax Group after 18 years of corporate experience as a degreed manufacturing engineer working at various Fortune 500 companies in the Automotive, Medical, and Consumer Products industries.


He held positions of Lean Manufacturing Engineer, Six Sigma Black Belt, Leadership Coach, Continuous Improvement Manager, and Cultural Change Agent.  His corporate and engineering career had a strong emphasis on problem solving and developing, then applying, processes and systems in manufacturing settings.  This experience led a 2nd phase or concentration where he is highly regarded for his executive level leadership coaching, culture change initiatives, and teaching of corporate/division/department vision and mission strategies and the tactical steps to achieving those visions.


Curt cares deeply about connecting and making a difference in his client's financial future.  This personal approach sets Garmax Group apart.  He is a Christian, a conservative, a husband, a father of 2 boys, an entrepreneur, a successful small business owner, and supports the principles of our Founding Fathers and the Second Amendment.  With this knowledge and passion, Curt is committed to improving the financial literacy of our youth in this country.


The starting of Garmax Group is rooted in Curt's entrepreneurial spirit which started with the reading of Robert Kiyosaki's book, Rich Dad Poor Dad.  It is this inspiration that laid the groundwork for the real estate business and the seeds for the expansion that came after.


Tonia Kufner is the Chief Administrative Officer and co-founder of Garmax Group and since 2008 has been an integral part of building, managing, and guiding the business to its current state.  She draws on her experience in real estate as a broker and her investment and business training.  Previously, she spent 16 years as a licensed School Psychologist in the public school systems across the Midwest.  In her career, Tonia excelled at analyzing and synthesizing data as well as making the complicated processes and concepts needed for change sound simple to parents and staff.  She also has a gift at identifying strengths and weaknesses in individual learning, personalities, and relationships.


Tonia also cares deeply about the personal approach Garmax Group takes to working with clients and making sure their needs are met.  She is a Christian, a wife, a mother of 2 boys, an entrepreneur, a small business owner, is passionate about home-work-life balance in business and relationships, the Founding Fathers principles, and improving the financial literacy of our youth in this country.


Tonia's entrepreneurial spirit has been inspired by Curt and the growth of Garmax Group.  Today, she leads the efforts to maintain a positive home-work-life balance needed in a growth oriented business environment.


Curt and Tonia grew up in rural Minnesota, met in first grade, became high school sweethearts, and married in 1992.  Deemed soul mates, they made it a priority to hone their personalities to create a powerful, balanced business team utilizing each other's strengths. Sharing these lessons with others has been gratifying and is part of the foundation in Garmax Group Vision, Mission, and 50-year Legacy plan; Have Fun, Make Money, Make A Difference, Leave A Legacy.  They are very patriotic, love this country, and are making small, daily, incremental efforts in their businesses and family to positively impact America now and in the future for their boys to enjoy.

From 2001-2009, the Kufners were involved with a leadership development business.  they met and worked closely with a group of wealthy Christians, conservatives, and entrepreneurs who in time became mentors and coaches that shaped Curt and Tonia's expertise in business and leadership.  The experience was priceless not only in shaping future Garmax Group objectives but also their marriage.

As a result of this impactful experience, a tuned-in ability to understand personalities, emotional intelligence, and the complexity of business relationships became a new tool put into practice.  Now, through education and example, the Kufners have shared many of these lessons with others through time spent working on budgeting, relationships, and business strategies.


A major part of why Garmax Group was formed and continues to be built is to be a legacy to leave to our boys....thus the name "Gar-Max".

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