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(1) Private Lenders

We find that many people are tired of the roller coaster and the stress of the stock market. They simply want a more consistent, stress-free, fixed and predictable return.  We provide that.

(2) Entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups, finding operating or expansion capital in the $1M - $5M space is next to impossible.  We provide that.  Banks only lend to "bankable" people or businesses and Venture Capital groups typically don't fund such small amounts.

(4) Job Creation

The American economy needs job stability and/or job growth and by lending to or investing in entrepreneurs, we provide that much needed operating or expansion capital for the entrepreneur.

(3) Investor (Garmax)

We are the conduit between the Private Lenders and the Entrepreneurs.  Private Lenders don't have time to perform extensive due diligence or vet out Entrepreneurs and raising capital is typically not an Entrepreneur's strength.  We provide that.  We borrow money and lend or invest it into thoroughly vetted projects.

DISCLOSURE:  Garmax Group does not provide investments or investment advice and does not solicit investors.  Garmax Group does obtain fixed rate loans from businesses and private lenders for its own use to pursue investments.  Loans from these parties are not investments but rather loans to Garmax and/or its affiliates.



Garmax Group is a family-owned Alternative Investment company that provides a predictable and fixed rate of return to its Lenders by managing a diversified portfolio of thoroughly vetted investments and/or loans.  With the Garmax model, gone are the days of senseless and erratic up and down trends experienced in the stock market.  We have been successful by focusing on a diversified array of alternative investments and by staying true to our 50-year Mission, Vision, and Legacy plan:


Have Fun

Make Money

Make A Difference

Leave A Legacy


In 2008, Garmax launched its alternative investment strategy with an expanding array of areas of emphasis including Private Loans, Distressed Debt, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, and Startups.



Curt was frustrated with his Engineering and Manufacturing career and simply wanted out of his job.  After Curt's 18 years in the manufacturing industry, primarily the automotive industry, and after Tonia's 16 years as a School Psychologist, the Garmax Group was started and today Curt & Tonia run an Alternatives investment company.


Curt and Tonia wanted control over their work AND over their financial future.  Even before age 40, they both had become wildly disenfranchised with the stock market and with its unpredictability and low returns; they were constantly confused and amazed about who or what was actually responsible for its senseless and erratic moves and its low annual returns.  They wanted more control over their investments and retirement accounts and so the Engineer and Psychologist set out on an educational journey of investigating Alternative investments by investing in and attending countless seminars and one-on-one coaching and mentoring opportunities by experienced professionals in the trade.


Today they are Professional Investors who have the equivalent of a Master's degree in Investing.  This education and subsequent investing experiences are where they found more control over their investments as well as more predictable results.  No more roller coaster rides on the stock market!

Self-Directed IRAs & Retirement
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Garmax Group

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